About Us


Wood Pellet World is one of the largest manufacturer of wood pellets for consumer’s use in Ukraine. The company’s production is certified according to the European pellets standard A1 and A2, and our company is located in the Kharkivs’ka oblast region.

Our company, Wood-Pellet-World, operates with many customers who are professionals on the pellet market from different EU countries such as: Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Greece, Austria, Germany, etc and also from Asia such as Korea, China etc, Australia, Africa, America and Middle East. About 85% of our pellets production are sold for private and industrial uses.

Our company’s products meet the quality standards set for the world market as A1 and A2 standard. The key quality indicators for pellets from our company often exceed the established by A1 and A2 standard – ash below 1%, humidity below 10% and calorific value of 18.5 Joule / ton or 4.8KWt / kg. The company has its own laboratory at the plant which regularly conduct tests of our products.

Our experts employ one of the best methods to process our products in accordance with the international standard of wood pellets production. Furthermore, our quality inspectors test these products on the basis of several parameters to ensure their premium standard. We also encompass a well-furnished Factory with modern equipment and warehousing facility to best carry out our production.

Our products can be transported/delivered by road and or shipped by sea. About 80% of our pellets sales are export deliveries. We work with many transport companies in Ukraine and abroad. These transport companies helps us to deliver our supplies on time.

Under the visionary guidance of our well organized management staffs, we have been successful in establishing a standard in terms of client’s satisfaction. It is with immense knowledge, wise managerial skills that we have attained a strong history as regard the top quality of finish products and supplies.

Over the years we have been able to meet the needs and requirements of wide range of clients from retailers to wholesalers, and also with direct consumers. “Our future is sure and we’re never satisfied until the client is satisfied.”

– Our main objective at Europe-Pellets is to maintain customer’s satisfaction always. We make sure that the quality standard of the pellet is high and clients’ needs are meets on schedule.

–  The company also set goals within a period of time and make sure it is achievable.

We offer one of the best services to our customers which makes us an outstanding company in the world.