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Premium Wood Pellets A1
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DIN Plus Wood Pellets
Diameter: 6mm – 8mm



Description of Buy Wood Pellets online A1:
Wood Pellets A1 a convenient, economical and efficient way to heat a home or business with domestic and sourced fuels.

A1 grade wood pellets
Diameter: 6mm-8mm
Low dust content <1%
High ash melting temperature >1200°C
Made from best virgin woods

Hardwood vs Softwood Buy Wood Pellets online A1:
hardwoods like maple, oak, birch and ash. And we all know that putting softwoods like pine, fir and spruce.

European Wood Pellet Consumption:
The majority of the consumption went to heat production, representing 61,8%. Pellet consumption for heat can be further divided into three markets – residential heating (69%), commercial heating (19%) and heat generated from CHP (12%). The remaining 38,2% of wood pellets were used for power production. It should be noted that the technologies for producing energy out of pellets for heat, electricity or both, are mature, offering efficient and reliable processes.

The Benefits of Wood Pellets A1:
If you want to get a reliable source of heat, save money and help protect the environment, biomass wood pellets make a great choice. When the pellets burn, they release the same amount of carbon dioxide that the wood biomass absorbs during its growth, making them carbon-neutral.

Excellent pellet quality is essential to attain a constant and optimal heating process. As different fuel qualities exist, it is essential for stove and boiler owners to choose the right quality fuel that fits best with their installations.

The use of pellets for producing heat remained a strong sector in the EU. The use of pellets for electricity production.

From heating to horse bedding: Wood Pellets A1 uses:
A small and compact product that tackles some big challenges, our pellets are a true force of nature. About the height of a bottle cork, they are an energy-rich, low-ash, low-moisture and clean-burning heating source for wood pellet heaters and boilers in residential, commercial and large-scale industrial heating applications.

Our Wood Pellets A1 also make a natural and comfortable choice for equine bedding. They are highly absorbent, drastically cut mucking out time, reduce bedding consumption, and are easy to store and transport.

For best longevity, wood pellets should be stored indoors. Humid locations may require a dehumidifier. When stored properly pellets can have a shelf life of over two years, but ideally are used within a six month period. At Europe Pellets we are able to store pellets outside because of our high turnover rate, so no ton of pellets is outside for more than a month or two.

Water will destroy wood pellets. Wood Pellets bags are not waterproof. Each bag contains small hair holes to allow the pellets to breath. Take special care to prevent water absorption. Wood Pellets A1

Wood Pellets by the pallet will come covered with a UV resistant bag/hood which is effective for up to 12 months. Do not remove the bag/hood until the pellets will be used.


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